Singapore-based business tycoon Gordon Tang is known for his success in real estate. Along with his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, Mr. Tang acquired controlling interest of 62.2% in SingHaiyi Group in 2012, which was previously known as Sing- Xpress Land. Today, the group has considerable assets and projects in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the US, most of it has been acquired effectively through strategic decisions, partnerships and networking. SingHaiyi Group has flourished under Gordon Tang and his team and has recently complete a 517-unit condo project in Singapore.

Mr. Tang’s interest in real estate is anything but new. The Tangs were always involved in Singapore real estate and own many condos and strata offices. Their work with the SingHaiyi Group promises to take their stake high in global real estate. It’s been a rather strategic approach, where they have targeted assets and properties that required funding. For example, the group now plans to develop a 204,300-sq ft freehold site in San Francisco Bay, California into a condo project. Mr. Tang believes that the right decisions and effective planning can allow the group to penetrate in other non-conventional regions, and for that, they are already studying European and Australian markets extensively.