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Reviewing the extensive work of Chinese real estate investor Gordon Tang

Singapore-based business tycoon Gordon Tang is known for his success in real estate. Along with his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, Mr. Tang acquired controlling interest of 62.2% in SingHaiyi Group in 2012, which was previously known as Sing- Xpress Land. Today, the group has considerable assets and projects in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the US, most of it has been acquired effectively through strategic decisions, partnerships and networking. SingHaiyi Group has flourished under Gordon Tang and his team and has recently complete a 517-unit condo project in Singapore.

Mr. Tang’s interest in real estate is anything but new. The Tangs were always involved in Singapore real estate and own many condos and strata offices. Their work with the SingHaiyi Group promises to take their stake high in global real estate. It’s been a rather strategic approach, where they have targeted assets and properties that required funding. For example, the group now plans to develop a 204,300-sq ft freehold site in San Francisco Bay, California into a condo project. Mr. Tang believes that the right decisions and effective planning can allow the group to penetrate in other non-conventional regions, and for that, they are already studying European and Australian markets extensively.

Winning real estate via acquisitions with businessman Gordon Tang

In a time, when the real estate market has been fluctuating globally, Chinese business tycoon Gordon Tang is churning big profits through Singapore-listed SingHaiyi group. The company, for which his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, serves as the Group Managing Director, has been focusing on acquisitions, not just in Singapore, but also in the US, China and Malaysia. While Gordon Tang is the non-executive director of SingHaiyi, he has a controlling stake through holding company, Haiyi Holdings. Under his expertise, guidance and vision, the group has become one of the few to actually have successful acquisitions in the US. Notable of all is an office building of 204,300-sq.ft called 5 Thomas Mellon Circle in San Francisco Bay, California, which will become a condo project in the future.

Mr. Neil Bush, who is the non-executive chairman of the group, is also partners with the Tangs in Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which runs many hotels in the US and has assets in China and Malaysia under the Haiyi brand. Mr. Tang idea is to acquire distressed assets and make the most of the available space, offering great projects to the masses and assuring profits for the group – an ideal mix for sure.

Gordon Tang’s Profile: Investments, Real Estate and More!

Chinese entrepreneur and business tycoon Gordon Tang dons many hats. Mr. Tang is the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group, which deals in real estate investments in Asia and the US. In association with Neil Bush, Mr. Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang has created a group that promises to change the game of real estate globally. SingHaiyi Group, which also includes APIC, has been managing assets in the US and has many hotels under the Haiyi brand. Gordon Tang is the Chairman of APIC since 2003, and his efforts has helped the company in utilizing Asian capital access for global investments. Mr. Tang, who initially launched Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd in 1995, believes in the potential of declining real estate assets, and SingHaiyi Group has been buying distressed properties and assets at cheap prices for further refurbishment.

Gordon Tang also serves as an advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore and is the president for Cambodia Sailing Federation. His peers known him as a fierce entrepreneur and investor, who doesn’t mind taking risks and venturing into new regions, despite the obvious hurdles that real estate is known for. Please refer and check the website of SingHaiyi Group for further details.